United Kingdom Movement for Christian Evangelism

Mission Statement

We have set out our mission statement below point by point.  We hope it helps you to see the heart of what Father God is calling us to do in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom Movement for Christian Evangelism (UKMCE) does not accept tithes as we believe this belongs to the local Church.  We do accept offerings and donations to help maintain our effective running and future development of the website, for the provision of free evangelism material and for funding towards designated UK outreach events (see giving).

Our mission is to encourage and equip Christians in the UK with the simple ability to share their faith with others effectively (witnessing) and on a regular basis.  To teach you simple methods on how to offer the free gift of eternal salvation found only in Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to see every person in the UK reached with the full gospel message of salvation by encouraging and training individual Christians willing to be witness for Jesus Christ, if we all accept the challenge to equip ourselves and do our best this is an achievable aim.

Our mission is to get as many Christians as possible (regardless of what their Church is called) out of the closet living a fresh exciting, empowered life of witnessing to their family, friends and UK community.

The UKMCE does not belong to any one Church or Organisation it belongs to the whole body of Christ, his people and has been established to be a helps ministry to the whole body of Jesus Christ (the Church) denominational and non denominational, all leaders, all Gods people and all individuals who wish to serve in the area of witnessing / evangelism in the UK (and beyond).

Our mission is to be a helps ministry to the existing Church in our nation and not to plant new Churches.

Our mission is to be a catalyst to cause the Churches across the UK to be revived and filled with new believers.

Our mission is to encourage fruitful evangelism bringing growth to the existing Churches in the UK from the top to the bottom and everywhere in between with new believers and those Christians who do not currently belong to a Church.  

To encourage believers of different Churches to work together in love and to build the community of Father Gods people on the earth (don’t let doctrine get in the way of unity and friendship).

Our mission is to offer as much help as required to all Christians and Christian Churches in the area of evangelism.

We seek to promote and give visibility to all the UK Evangelists (regardless of Denomination) via our website/twitter (interested-contact us?). If you follow us on Twitter we will follow back and retweet your Outreach Events.

We seek to provide correct Biblical teaching on evangelism, practical aids such as tracts, exercises and outreach opportunities for UK Christians.

Our mission is to establish a Culture in all UK Churches and amongst all believers of faithfully witnessing the gospel message to the lost.

To encourage unity amongst different churches and a willingness to work together on evangelistic outreaches around the nation. Advising churches who request help to reach their communities with the gospel. 

We seek to be a blessing to all God the Fathers people here on earth.

Thank you for your interest and for being a vital part of this ministry! Please direct others to this website, thank you.

“But we are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord…” (2 Thess. 2:13).

We are thankful for you and for your desire to reach others with the message of salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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