Up My Street

We are all called by Father God to love our neighbours as ourselves so we should be doing all in our power to reach them with the gospel of salvation found only in Jesus Christ. If you consider the enormous implications of the holy scriptures below it becomes evident that our neighbours are very important to the Lord.

For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Galatians 5:14 (KJV)

And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. Luke 10:27 (KJV)

For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Romans 13:9 (KJV)

In the United Kingdom our culture teaches us to mind our own business and not bother our neighbours, say hello or wave every now and then, a little chat that’s okay.  This is wrong and an evil part of our culture: we have to change this by our prayers and the direct action of obeying Gods word “to love our neighbours as ourselves”. We have to reach out to those who live near us with the gospel.  It matters to Father God because He wants to show His love to them through salvation found only in Jesus Christ. Father God has given us His word identifying just how important our neighbours are. Christians are to care for them and most importantly to get to know them in the hope of winning them to Christ.

Ask yourself the question do the people who live on your street (road/lane/close/avenue) know that you are a Christian?

Have you ever witnessed to them?

If the answer’s no then here is an easy step by step guide to reaching those who live around you with the Gospel of Salvation.

You should only do this type of evangelism in groups, it can be a group of Christian friends, a Church home group, or as a Church outreach into your community. The group that is praying for the neighbours can be as small as two but  ideally it should be at least eight, fewer Christians in the group means fewer streets to reach out to.  If the outreach group is small you can always adapt the plan to include additional streets nearby. As you follow this plan always go in groups of two or three when witnessing door to door, never go witnessing alone (please see important footnote). 

Step 1 Be Prepared 

  • Be organised and totally committed to praying and sharing the gospel of salvation with all your neighbours

  • Get ready for the outreach by designing an attractive leaflet that includes the message of salvation, name of your Church, telephone number/email, your meeting times and any up and coming events.

  • Explain on the leaflet that your Church will be calling at the houses in the area to talk to the people in the community, you can use a questionnaire or tract to lead them into talking about Jesus (download the How to Know Gods Salvation – Steps,  ROMANS ROAD – Plain Text Version this will help you)

  • You also need good tracts that cover the complete gospel of salvation found only in Jesus Christ, if you cannot buy good tracts or you have a very limited budget use the links on this website to down load free tracts.  You can always design your own if you have time.

  • Organise a follow up event at the Church and invite your neighbours after you have witnessed to them (optional)

Step 2 Week of Prayer

  • Get a list of all the streets you will be visiting and make sure all the group members have a copy (paper/email/text copy).

  • For one whole week pray as a group (meet at least twice together) over all the streets represented by your members, claim them for Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for your individual neighbours that they will be open to the message of salvation and that you will be able to pray with them, remember to invite them to a Church service (our Churches are vital to bring hope to our communities).

Step 3 Week of Outreach “Up My Street”

  • Each group member must prayerfully post a leaflet and tract through their neighbours door (remember they are likely to be open to talk to you because you live near them). 

  • As directed by the Holy Spirit witness door to door on the street you feel lead to first. If you do not get an answer preserver and go back the next day, repeat this until you have talked with all your neighbours. Do not move on to the next street until you have witnessed to everyone on the street

  • Use a Christian questionnaire or go through the tract point by point with them. Be patient and listen to them, remind them how short life is and how long eternity is.  Ask questions like “if you were to die where do you think you would go?”If they do not believe the truth about life after death then ask them “What if you are wrong?” and explain the way to Heaven through Jesus Christ.

  • Invite your neighbours to a pre organised Church service (A service celebrating the community) or an informal Church service with a couple of personal testimonies followed by a meal together. You could even show a Christian film followed by light refreshments.  Hold a healing meeting, offer to pray for them if they are sick.  There are so many ways of bringing people into the Church you have to be inventive! 

  • If you cannot organise a Church follow on event simply invite your neighbours to Church (if they are elderly people offer to collect them by car) 

  • Continue to go door to door on every street represented in the group until all your neighbours have received a leaflet, a tract and a personal invitation to Church.


Follow up your street outreach with regular leaflets inviting non christian neighbours to Church events.  Invite neighbours to home group meals or barbecues  Make friends with your neighbours and invite them for coffee, if they are elderly call in and have a chat with them, you can always offer to pick up shopping for them. Start a Christian friendship with your neighbours and in time they may accept the message of salvation.


 Charles H. Spurgeon

“‘But,’ says one, ‘I know if I were to try to speak to any of my neighbours (about Jesus Christ) I would break down. Friend I am not careful in that matter, nor need you be. If you are really earnest, you might possibly do more by a break-down than by anything else. Only break the ice and begin—and you shall find my text to be true in your case, also, and out of weakness you, too, shall be made strong. God does not need your strength, He has more than enough power of His own! He asks for your weakness, He has none of that, Himself, and He is longing, therefore, to take your weakness and use it as the instrument in His own mighty!Will you not yield your weakness to Him and receive His strength?”

“These are days when we need men and women of principle— who can put their foot down and keep it down— who cannot be turned aside. They call this firmness, ‘bigotry.’ It is, however, only another name for Christian truthfulness! If you dare to do right and face a frowning world, you shall have God’s commendation, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’”

Please note

For Your Safety

This type of Christian outreach is not suitable for children or vulnerable adults to use because of its focus on getting to know neighbours. While the vast majority of people living in our communities would never harm a child or vulnerable adult, we are concerned about the issue of abuse. We would ask you to be very cautious about all the risks you could face when interacting with your neighbours.  We advice you never witness on your own and always go in two or threes.  By working in groups to talk to neighbours you will never put yourself in a position where you are on your own with a child, vulnerable adult or a person of the opposite sex. If you feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way when witnessing to one of your neighbours then leave the situation immediately.  Your Church can give you further advice on staying safe when working with the community.

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