Evangelism in the United Kingdom

Join the United Kingdom Movement  for Christian Evangelism National Network

We aim to establish a national network of Christian volunteers who have decided to say yes to the call to witnessing for Jesus Christ around the UK.  Join our members list by sending your name and the area in the UK that you live in via our contact page or by emailing evangelism@ukmce.com. Please enter “members list” as the subject.  We will add you to our Members list and keep you updated on events around our nation.

Prayer for the United Kingdom

Please follow our weekly pray schedule (see pray-cast) as we pray for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we have included pray-casts to help you pray.

Volunteer Evangelists

We aim to build a large number of volunteers prepared to travel, to take part in Christian outreaches in villages, towns and cities, initially for one day witnessing events. These events aim to build and encourage the existing Churches in our nation and to sow the seed of evangelism to bring a revival in the United Kingdom.  We see this group of Christian volunteers as a flood of Gods light into the nation. Although small at first it will eventually number hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands flooding our nation, witnessing the love, the power and the salvation found only in Jesus Christ. We firmly believe that this group will bring restoration and revival to the Churches and the nation. If your Church wants us to witness in your area contact us and we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements .

I encourage you as a believer to say “yes” to the call to witness this great salvation found only in our saviour Jesus Christ.  Join with us, become a member of the United Kingdom Movement for Christian Evangelism, become committed to being part of what God is doing in our time.  Join with us in different places we visit around the nation as we witness for Jesus Christ.  If you feel the call but do not know how to witness just come along, others will show you how to share the message of salvation found only in Jesus Christ.  Remember the UKMCE belongs to you, it has been established under the Lords direction to help you to expand God’s kingdom here on earth. Let us serve across the different counties and throughout the UK sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the love of our Heavenly Father.

  • Become a member by joining on the website (via contact page) it only takes a few minutes or by emailing evangelism@ukmce.com
  • You will receive emails about prayer and up and coming outreaches around the nation.
  • You will receive a monthly newsletter
  • Say yes to the Lord Jesus Christ and commit your life to becoming a witness for Him
  • Come to outreaches we have organised in the Nation
  • Support your Local Church outreaches
  • Always carry several tracts that you are comfortable sharing with others
  • Produce a quality leaflet containing the full salvation message, Church details and invitation to Church
  • We require your input, send your testimonies and witnessing experiences, to encourage others
  • Send information on Christian Outreaches that have been fruitful
  • Tell us about your Church outreaches (big and small) so we can inform others via the website who may wish to help
  • Send us video’s of your Church outreaches or witnessing encounters to help others

In Luke 9:23, Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Peter echoes this same call even in our most difficult times, “For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps”(1 Peter 2:21).

The United Kingdom Movement for Christian Evangelism has a burden to help Church leaders in the United Kingdom see revival in their local communities.

We also carry a burden to see the Christian believers in the UK organised and witnessing in every Village, Town and City. To grow and thrive in their relationship with the Lord and to be used by Him beyond the walls of their different Churches.

We believe in unity across the whole Christian Church and actively promote love, respect and working together, we value each member of the body of Christ and aim to encourage all Churches to develop a culture of sharing the message of salvation. Our vision is to see all the different Christian Churches unite in joint outreaches to build the “Church” in the nation regardless of denomination or name.

Let us remember the greatest miracle of all is not raising the dead or healing the blind eyes. The greatest miracle of all is when some one receives the miracle of  eternal salvation found only in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Remember, no matter where you are on your Christian journey of witnessing you don’t need to be alone.  The UKMCE is here to encourage you and your Church—and remember there’s a multitude of people waiting and ready for you to share with them the message of salvation found only in Jesus Christ.

This website has been established for you so have a good look around and start your journey of witnessing today. Whether you are a young person, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy working mum, or a businessman with big responsibilities or unemployed we want you to be a part of our vision and to grow in the grace of the Lord as you witness for Him.

Say in your heart “I am going to one day turn up in Heaven, their will be my reward, the people I faithfully witnessed to, saved by grace, the people who were in my life who I chose to share the message of salvation with and not to cruelly hide it by keeping quiet.” This must be our testimony!   


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