Frequently Ask Questions at UKMCE

How can I contact UKMCE – United Kingdom Movement for Christian Evangelism?

Contact UKMCE via our contact button, email or telephone leaving a message and we will respond as soon as possible.

Can I become a member of the UKMCE, United Kingdom Movement for Christian Evangelism?

Yes we would encourage you to do this because the UKMCE belongs to you, please send us an email with your name. We will add you to our members list and we will also keep you up-to-date with useful information and events via our monthly newsletter. Becoming a member costs nothing but your time and it signals your support for evangelism in the UK and working together as Christians.

Will UKMCE work with any Church?

No UKMCE will only work with the “Christian” Church that believes the full gospel of Jesus Christ, His perfect sinless life, His death on the cross and resurrection, that salvation is only found in Him and by accepting Him as Lord and saviour, that salvation if a gift of grace not works. For more clarification please view our detailed statement of faith.

Does the UKMCE plant out its own Churches?

No the UKMCE is a helps ministry to all Christian Churches; we do not plant out our own Churches.

Does the UKMCE accept tithes?

No we at UKMCE believe this belongs to the local Church you attend, however we do accept donations or offerings towards the website development, providing free evangelism material and funding Evangelistic outreaches around the United Kingdom.

Are UKMCE trying to sell you a book?

The simple answer to this question is no! UKMCE will recommend books in our Media section and provide links but our aim is to provide you with free usable information to help you in the activity of evangelism.

I am a disabled Christian can I still be involved with UKMCE?

Yes UKMCE do not discriminate. If you are a Christian you are warmly welcomed to be involved.

I have never shared my faith and am unsure how to do it, can UKMCE help me?

Yes, please make this website yours, look around it, pick something you feel comfortable with doing in evangelism and become a member, we will do our utmost to help, encourage and equip you for the work Father God has called you to do. Once you start seeing lives changed by your personal work for the Lord you will never want to stop.

I am an Evangelist and wish to start reaching out to my community. How do I do this?

Firstly speak to your Church leadership and explain your desire to help build up the Church. Together organise an event that will attract people who are unsaved or de churched. Work with your leaders to provide a discipling course for those people saved through your event. Feel free to use any information on the website. We can also advise you on types of events to put on.

I am a teenager interested in organising/ becoming involved in a Christian outreach event, can UKMCE help me?

UKMCE will assist you by providing you with event ideas and advice on how to organise an outreach get in touch with your idea’s and we will be more than happy to help you.

I am a Pastor/Reverend/Elder/Leader wishing to organise an outreach event, can UKMCE help me?

Yes UKMCE can help with any type of evangelistic outreach. If you are trying to bringing people into the Church we will provide you with lots of interesting event ideas (see organising an outreach). Select one and get back in touch with us and we will help you. Our only desire is that your Church event is successful and fruitful. The amount of UKMCE involvement is up to you, we are happy to serve the Church in what ever way we can. 

Does becoming a member of UKMCE really help?

Yes it helps in a number of ways, it gives us an indication of how many Christians around the nation support evangelism (want to help), it also allows us to keep you up to date with news letters, outreach events and activities which may be of interest. 

I feel uncomfortable sharing my faith one to one can UKMCE help me?

Yes, first we want you to be totally free of those feelings. If you do not want to personally witness to others on a one to one basis then you could start by posting leaflets.
The leaflet should contain a clear explanation of how to be saved printed on them, your testimony or the testimonies of another Christian you have heard, the prayer of salvation and your Church address and details.
You could also post Christian tracts with your Church address on the back.
Maybe the LORD has called you to do this kind of witnessing ministry and that’s why you are so uncomfortable in a one on one situation. Leaflets and tract are a good way of reaching multitudes of people. Please do not feel less than others all types of sharing the Gospel are valid, valuable and important to Jesus so do what you are comfortable with 🙂

Why do you use the King James version of the Bible on your website?

The King James Version is a good accurate translation of the original holy scriptures. We simply prefer the King James Bible but use many other translations too.


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