About the United Kingdom Movement for Christian Evangelism

  1. The UKMCE believe in your potential as a Christian to reach the lost and that you are the key to reaching your family, friends and the people who live around you.
  2. We believe in the Christian Church in all its manifestations and that it is the answer to our communities in the UK
  3. We believe the time is now for the United Kingdom revival

We believe in your potential, that you can make a fantastic difference in the lives of others around you through the message of Salvation found in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  You make this difference by deciding to take on the challenge of learning to witness (in different ways) and reaching out to the lost people around you.

Our prayer is that you will be equipped and strengthened in your Christian life by the power of Jesus Christ and that this website will help encourage and equip you on your mission to reach your family, friends and wider community through personal witnessing.

In 2010 the Lord spoke to our hearts about establishing the UKMCE – United Kingdom Movement for Christian Evangelism and to build the website for two purposes:

  1. To assist, encourage and train individual Christians to share the gospel message of salvation found only in Jesus Christ with their family, friends and communities.
  2. To establish a network of Christians who feel called to evangelism. To help connect and encourage this group to work together to do evangelism as a national group around the UK, to build the existing Christian Church and sow the seeds of a national revival.


The Lord wants to encourage us to start sharing the gospel, witnessing to those around us, giving a tract, CD, DVD or posting a leaflet telling people how to be saved.

We have established this Evangelistic Helps Ministry to assist and equip individual Christians and Churches from any Christian denomination / non denomination in the United Kingdom.

We exist to help the Church to share the message of the gospel, the grace of salvation found only in Jesus Christ our Lord.  We aim to provide useful information, strategies for evangelism and downloadable material to equip both the individual Christian and the Church to effectively witness to others the simple message of salvation.

We respect all Gods people and recognise the universal Church, the living spiritual body of which Jesus Christ is the head and all Christians are members.

We believe in Jesus Christ, Gods only begotten Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit.  We believe in His virgin birth, His sinless life, all His miracles and teachings. We believe in His substitutionary atoning death and bodily resurrection and His ascension into Heaven.  We believe that God the Father regenerates by the Holy Spirit all those who repent of their personal sins and put their faith in Jesus Christ accepting and confessing Him as Saviour and Lord of their lives

(please see our full statement of what we believe).

We have a special love for all Christians and wish to help them reach their families, friends and communities in every part of the United Kingdom. 

We believe if every Christian equipped themselves to share their faith (the message of Salvation) with their family and friends the UK Church would experience unprecedented growth and that this growth would continue out into our communities and bring revival to our nation.

Our generation has been given a real opportunity to win the people of our nation through the message of Salvation in Jesus Christ. All we have to do is be willing to obey our Lord and say yes to the call to share the Gospel.

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