We warmly welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to the UKMCE (United Kingdom Movement for Christian Evangelism) website.

Our prayer is that you will be equipped and strengthened in your Christian life by the power of Jesus Christ.  That you will experience new liberty, new friendships and a refreshing in your personal walk that brings joy and fulfillment as you achieve your destiny.

Our prayer is that the Lord will bless you as we share with you the purpose and fulfillment He has for everyone who desires in their heart to reach others with the Gospel of salvation found only in Jesus Christ.

UKMCE believe that you are an important and vital part of Jesus Christ’s plan in the earth. We want to encourage you and equip you to become a Christian who is fulfilled and fruitful in your life.

We have designed the website to help and encourage individuals and Church groups to be relevant and to make a practical impact amongst family, friends and communities through the message of salvation. It has an easy to follow set of practical plans and is regularly updated with information on witnessing ideas.

Our vision at the UKMCE is to work with believers from every Christian Church to make sure that every person in the United Kingdom has the opportunity of hearing the wonderful message of salvation and eternal life found only in our Lord, Saviour and King Jesus Christ, may the Lord help and encourage you.